Recycle Your Shavers with ElectroRecycle

If you are in the British Columbia area of Canada, you can recycle many types of electronics (including Electric Shavers) with ElectroRecycle. And in the month of November, ElectroRecycle will be donating $5 for every recycled shaver to Movember.

ElectroRecycle typically takes in a lot of recycled shavers in any given month. Check out these numbers:

Approximately 1,000 electric razors and trimmers are collected by ElectroRecycle each month – an estimated 18,900 to date, or 22,500 kg. With the $10,000 goal in mind, the program is hoping to double the monthly collection rate for November. More recycling means “Mo'” money for cancer research and awareness.

Also, what is Movember?

Movember is a global charity and movement that seeks to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. In 2012, more than 247,000 Canadians participated in Movember, raising $42.6 million. This resulted in Canada taking the title for the top fundraising nation – a title ElectroRecycle wants to help achieve again with this recycling initiative.

Learn more about how to contribute at the ElectroRecycle website. And if you are not in this part of Canada, check your local area for similar recycling programs. You would be surprised how easy it is to recycle electronics, and it is a waste to just throw them in the trash when you consider the materials that go into creating all these electronic devices and how frequently electronic devices get discarded for newer technology.

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