History and Developments of the Electric Shaver

Shaving your hair is one of the most common grooming routine carried out by almost all men and women who like to keep their hair short. It is important to get the right kind to shaver to ensure you do not develop ingrown hairs and other harmful effects. It is important to understand the journey that the electric shaver has taken to get to their current position as a brand and as a product. The history of the electric shaver is a fascinating one that goes back to about 30,000 BC when they were made from flinting stones this gives the shaver a rich story that cuts across all over the centuries.

The next stage in the history and development of the electric shaver was the invention of the either disposable or undisposable shavers. This ensures that when you are on the move you can simply carry the shaver and you are good to go. This meant you could actually move from place to place with your shaver either using a disposable one or your permanent shaver since all you needed was electricity. Use of universal power settings for the electric shavers ensured that you could use your shaver all over the world since the amount of current used I similar in most countries .In the event the power setting are different then you could use power connectors to get the correct amount of power to the shaver.

Previously the best electric shavers and shavingmachine blades were made of hard bronze material. This however changed over years to its current state where it is made from different kinds of material however the most common being stainless steel. It makes the user enjoy using the shaver as opposed to the hard bronze that may not give you a great shaving experience due to its bulky nature.

Availability of cordless shaving machines that enable you move around while shaving is another development in the history of the electric shaver. How this one works is you can decide to walk around while shaving you will not trip over the cables that the shaver uses since it is cordless. It is also important that you can actually have your shaving session in different places without minding about the proximity to a power source

There was a development in 1939 that brought about rotating blades to the market. This means the user could enjoy a rotated blade. The rotating blade makes the Electric shaver more effective and easy to use it helps people use the blade more comfortably due to the rotating blade.

Since cleaning is a very essential part of the use of shavers to meet our shaving needs an invention came up that most shavers have very flexible and easily removable spare parts. This means you can dismantle the shaving machine very easily clean the hidden parts and reassemble it back. This is one of the best developments of the shavers because it means you will be in a position to clean the machine and reduce the risk of infections from accumulated dirt.


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