How To Sharpen your Electric Shaver Using Toothpaste

It is given that women do have lots of ceremonies to do in order to make themselves attractive and presentable for everyone. There comes the brush, the makeup, and all the accessories they wear just to provide the people with a good impression. It is always the way you take care of yourself and what you use in doing it.

Just like women, men do have their own ways on maintaining their good and clean image.

Ok that’s good, let’s get to the electric shaver stuff…

Electric shavers are known to be one of the necessities of men. This is one important object that every man needs in his daily lives. Keeping yourself look groomed and presentable all the time is extremely important especially these days where many people are used to judge others on how they look. Since razors are not disposable, you can use it any time you feel like using it. It can last depending on how you take care of it and what brand you prefer to buy.

There are lots of brands that you can encounter when you go shopping for your electric shaver. Suppose that you purchased the most expensive one, you surely would like to make it last longer than the usual so you will look for ways on how to take care of it in a proper way.

No matter how much you take care of your electric razor, there will come a time that it will work a little bit brittle unlike what you experienced the first time you used it. This is understandable because razor blades are being used over and over again and it is normal if they become dull and less efficient.

With that, you may ask yourself:

How can I sharpen an electric shaver?

Try toothpaste. Yep it works:

One recommended way of sharpening your electric shaver is by using toothpaste. Using toothpaste as your sharpening material is ideal because you probably have it inside your home already so there is no need for you to buy some of it, which could be inconvenient.

Together with the toothpaste, you will also need water and baby oil for the sharpening process.

  1. The first thing you need to do is clear all the bristles with a small brush. Look for tiny hair strands that get stuck in your blades and have them removed.
  2. After removing all hair residues, apply the toothpaste to the blade area and razor screens. Make sure all areas are covered up with toothpaste then turn the shaver on. This will help you on scattering the toothpaste all over area that needs to be sharpened.
  3. After that, remove the blades and rinse them with warm water making sure that all substance is washed away. Dry it for a few seconds and then drop a small amount of baby oil before putting your electric shaver back together.

Another tip:

  • Try using regular toothpaste instead of stuff like “extreme whitening” and the like, since those toothpastes have larger “gritty particles” and it won’t be as effective in cleaning/sharpening.

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